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Welcome to our new Website!

We have improved the visual aspect of our website, and added the adaptive functionality that gives you easy access to any type of media (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). In addition, other enhancements will be added to better answer your needs.



Order online in 5 easy steps!

  Step Example : 4200-1013 – Syringes Oral Amber 10ml (100) 
Field A Enter the code or the name of the product you are looking for“4200-1013” or “Syringes Oral Amber”
Field B The minimum order quantity (UN) is indicated in brackets after the product description -when applicable- The minimum order quantity (UN) is 100 syringes
1 UN = 100 syringes
Field C Enter the quantity of UN to orderTo order 100 syringes, enter 1 UN
Field D Case 1: No drop-down menu: only one possible choice (UN)
Case 2: Drop-down menu: several possible choices corresponding to multiples of UN
1 C5 = 5 UN = 5 x 100 syringes
To order 500 syringes, enter 1 C5
Field E Click on “Add to My Shopping Cart” or on the cart icon to proceed with your order